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Am i xquisite?

*~ thanks , you can delete my old post i screwed it up!! hope this one works better!! ~*

Name: JeS
Age: 14
Location: Canada
Status: Single (Straight)
Favorite store?: Bluenotes, bootlegger, American eagle, old navy, Pac Sun, la senza, le chateau, ect!!
Favorite bands/singers?: Avril, Eminem, 50, yellowcard, switchfoot, blink 182…. Omg so many others!
Hobbies?: shopping! Hanging out with my friends, going to tha beach, smiles!!
Your idol and why?: Biz (elizibeth) is my idol. She’s gorgeous, rich, smiley and loves to have fun!! She’s really smart, and works hard for her money. She’s never had anything given to her. Shes one of those people you wouldn’t mind spending forever with, she’s never cranky or pissy. Always bright and cheery!
Random fact: my first boyfriend was in grade 1, I shared him with my best friend!! We’re still close, but we’ve never liked the same guy since!!
Favorite cd you own?: the new avril cd. She’s so awesome, and her music is SO much better this time. Her songs mean a lot to me.
Most embarrassing story?: our class was filing down the stairs, I was talking with my friend, totally not paying atenion. I missed a step, fell, and brought most of the class with me to the bottom of the stairs. I always hold onto the railing now!!
Meanest thing you've ever done?: made out with my friends boyfriend. BIG mistake. I didn’t mean to, and I never will again.
Tell us what you'll bring to this community (honestly): I love to laugh and have fun. (I guess everyone says that) I’m here for anyone who needs me. I’ll just be myself, that’s what I like my friends to do too.
Where are your 2 promotions?(I will check): um, sorry, how do I do a promotion?
Okay,suck up :): plz accept me!! Lol u sexy lady! Thanx haha
Why do you think your xquisite?: im not sure if I am xquisite. If I am its cuz I’m a girlie and proud of it!!
Are you unique and why or why not?: I don’t like to stand out too much, but I hate to be one of the crowd.
Whats your opinion on George Bush?: ugh. (don’t want to start any flames) but I’m not a big fan.
Whats your opinion on the war in Iraq?: I wish it never happened, but now that it has, I hope it ends and everything gets cleared up.
Who do you want for the 2004 presidential election: someone mature and responsible.
If you could be anyone for one day who would it be and why?: id be someone in a third world country. I think that experience would really open my eyes and make me appriciate my life and how lucky I am!!
Any last words,darling♥?: I love you! If you don’t accept me xoxo to everyone, you’ve got a great community.
At least 3-9 clear pictures (at least 3 of your face):

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I say yes based on your app. But I dont see pictures.
Ahem... as I think of it... Do you know how to upload pictures?
i couldnt see your pictures and you didnt promote. its not that hard, you just take the code and then post a comment or entry in your journal and someone elses or in a different community and take the stars out. but i liked your bush and war answers but you apparently dont follow the elections at all seeing as you said you want someone responsible which seems to me like your trying to act like you follow it but dont.(im not trying to be mean, theres just no other way to say that lol)and the only like other person running is kerry <333
your application was okay...
you seem like a nice girl but idk
- no promotion
- no pictures

nah sorry
---no pics
---no promotion
+somewhat same music

sorry hun. you just seem to materialistic in the beginning and then it was just boring.
oops. forgot to say yes or no lol but good luck with getting in. that was my opinion, so dont take it personally
Hey hun, you need a lj cut. I know u read the rules cause you titled it right so im gunna keep my vote as an undeicded. I will read your app one you put your pictures under and lj-cut. To do this you have to go to and sign up with them. You then need to upload your picture on photobucket and get a url. Then you put this code :

<2img src="URL">
First when putting this code in remove the "2"before img and dont put a space there.
You put the url that they give you for that picture where I typed "URL". Hope it helps, but you will not be accepted without pictures. Sorry.
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I'd say yes but you have no pics or promotions =(
jeez i'm horrible on computers. i'll figure out how to do some promotions, and the weird thing is i can see my pictures under my post :S.
Because you direct linked them from your computer. Upload them onto a server like Photobucket. Its not hard.. then post the link into the application
Hey girls, I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that I’m not going to stay in this community or finish my application. It seems like a great place, lots of awsom, gorgeous girls who really support each other. Most of the applications I read there were tons of positive comments and honest cirtism. You were all really nice and friendly to the people you liked! I just didn’t like the negative comments, it kind of bothered me reading them... like because their application wasn’t good enough they get the harsh words. {Especially ‘twitchingstar’, what do we really know about her? Just because she doesn’t look like everybody else… =( } I don’t believe you can determine who a person is by reading their 25 question application. Maybe you should keep this in mind. I wasn’t impressed with my own application… It doesn’t reflect me in anyway. It could be anyone who answered those questions. Are only beautiful people accepted into xqusite_icandi? Seems like descrimination to me. Everybody is beautiful, inside and out. Image isn’t everything, although I know it’s important. Thanks for hearing me out, I’m going to leave the community, so no need to comment back. It seems like a really cool, tight family once you’re in, and I would’ve liked to be a part of it. But the process of getting in sucks {no offence}. Its like joining a very exclusive clique. In fact that’s what it is!! I’m not that kind of person. I love everyone I meet, I live for having fun and laughing. I don’t believe in putting down other people or discriminating them. You’re all great girls, and you’ve got a really nice community here. Thanx for reading my application, and not being too harsh on me. I hope the rest of your summers kick ass!
X0x0 Jes
your my hero ^