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am i quisite?

Name: Bryan and Sarah Donovan
Age: 16 & 16

Location: Mont Vernon, NH
Status: engaged
Favorite store?: Salvation Army
Favorite bands/singers?: Against Me!, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley
Hobbies?: sex, showers together, playing
Your idol and why?: we have no idols. we prefer to be ourselves
Random fact: Jesus' wife was named Mary Magdalene
Favorite cd you own?: Against Me! : Reinventing Axl rose
Most embarrassing story?: We don't get embarrassed.
Meanest thing you've ever done?: We accidently ran over a chipmunk.
Nicest thing you've ever done?: Raised hundreds of dollars for AIDS awareness and the care of babies with AIDS.
Tell us what you'll bring to this community (honestly): The most devoted and passionately in love couple in the world!
Where are your 2 promotions?(I will check):




Okay,suck up :): you smell
Why do you think your xquisite?: cuz i am!
Are you unique and why or why not?: Yes we are very unique. We're like no other couple, especially for our age. we're so in love. no one even knows!
Whats your opinion on George Bush?: He should not be president. He should be nothing more than fry cook. He's a complete idiot.
Whats your opinion on the war in Iraq?: Totally unnecesary. Thousands and thousands of innocent people died for a bull shit cause.
Who do you want for the 2004 presidential election: Any one but Bush.
If you could be anyone for one day who would it be and why?: each other, so we could see how good the other one is in bed.
Any last words,darling♥?: Live life like no one is watching.
At least 3-9 clear pictures (at least 3 of your face):
One 100x100 picture for the members list:







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