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Am I xquisite?

Name: Krystal
Age: 15 (16 in 17 days)
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Status: Single
Favorite store?: Newberry comics <3
Favorite bands/singers?: Mest!
Hobbies?: hanging out with friends, and doing whatever we find to be fun at the time =D
Your idol and why?: my daddy, cause he meant the world to me, and i miss him sooo much..i would do/give anything to hear him tell me he loves me just one more time!
Random fact: i like boys
Favorite cd you own?: Blink-182 (self titled)
Most embarrassing story?: Beth and Tim were here the other day and went searching through my drawers and such, and found some things that i REALLY wish they didn't find :\
Meanest thing you've ever done?: made someone feel really bad about them self **they were extremly mean to me first though..i feel bad for doing it :(
Nicest thing you've ever done?: im not really sure, im sure it was for one of my friends though, i <33 them to death!
Tell us what you'll bring to this community (honestly): i will promote you guys and get lots of lovely people to join =D
Where are your 2 promotions?(I will check): bethies and qtkt92588
Okay,suck up :): im not good at this..but, pwease :)
Why do you think your xquisite?: =D cause Jen said so
Are you unique and why or why not?: yes, becuase im the only ME there is =D
Whats your opinion on George Bush?: i like him, i know this is gonna get me a no somehow, but i don't mind him for president..im still behind the "no one died when Clinton lied" though, i liked Clinton
Whats your opinion on the war in Iraq?: at first i didn't see a reason for it, but if we are there then i have nothing to say but i wish all the soldiers luck and i am extremly proud of them!!
Who do you want for the 2004 presidential election: Bush, cause i don't want Kerry to take the troops home..i don't want the war to move to America
If you could be anyone for one day who would it be and why?: i don't think i would want to be anyone else..i like my life and my friends..my life is perfect for me, and i love every minute of it :)
Any last words,darling??: Jen has a super cute cowboy hat and i want in :) hehe..pwease
At least 3-9 clear pictures (at least 3 of your face):

One 100x100 picture for the members list:

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