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xquisite_icandi's Journal

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1)Use a lj-cut or else your post will be deleted!!!
2)You must be at least 14 years old to apply for this community.
3)You may only comment on your application post until you are stamped.
4)NO rudeness to any of the members will be tolerated.
5)All questions on the application must be filled out.
6)Title your post "Am I xquisite?".
7)No nudity please.
8)You have 24 hours to fill out the app. after joining. After that you will be deleted.

NOTE:This community can be tough on you. If you cannot handle the critism Im telling you now, dont join.

♥Rules for stamped members♥
1)Everyone must promote.
2)Vote as much as possible.
3)No promoting other communities here please.(If you would like to promote contact me on my lj)
4)When voting put "yes/no" in the subject line.

Favorite store?:
Favorite bands/singers?:
Your idol and why?:
Random fact:
Favorite cd you own?:
Most embarrassing story?:
Meanest thing you've ever done?:
Nicest thing you've ever done?:
Tell us what you'll bring to this community (honestly):
Where are your 2 promotions?(I will check):
Okay,suck up :):
Why do you think your xquisite?:
Are you unique and why or why not?:
Whats your opinion on George Bush?:
Whats your opinion on the war in Iraq?:
Who do you want for the 2004 presidential election:
If you could be anyone for one day who would it be and why?:
Any last words,darling♥?:
At least 3-9 clear pictures (at least 3 of your face):
One 100x100 picture for the members list:



♥Promotion Signs♥

NOTE:take out the star before the "img" for the code to work!
<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v345/oxhoniebflyxo/icandipromo.jpg">

♥Accepted Signs♥