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Am I xquisite?

Name: Jenny Lynne
Age: 20
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Status: a wonderful guy :-)
Favorite store?: I'm a sucker for Best Buy and The Buckle since that's the only place that sells jeans long enough to fit my legs.
Favorite bands/singers?: Jimmy Buffett is the most amazing thing to ever come out of the music world. I'm also a big fan of Maroon 5, Lisa Loeb, Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney.
Hobbies?: I read a lot, I love to write (written 4 novels), webdesign, and St. Louis Cardinal baseball. I also spend a lot of time outside (grew up on 100 acres) and I love playing with my puppy :-)
Your idol and why?: My dad is and has been my role model for a long time. He has always put my mom, sister, and I first in his life. He works extremely hard to give us many opportunities in life. He's a hard working man who stands up for what he believes in. Rick Ankiel is also a close second just because he's never given up on trying to achieve his goal.
Random fact: A website that I designed was featured on 3 different times :-) It was kind of like my 15 minutes of fame.
Favorite cd you own?: Love Actually soundtrack or Jimmy Buffett's License to Chill.
Most embarrassing story?: Oh geez...I don't even know which one to pick. I guess the most recent one was when I was showing the voice activated dialing on my cell phone to my boyfriend. I said "Todd" to it and it repeated back "Brian" who is a guy that I used to date. I swore at the phone and poor Todd just stood there looking at me...stupid phone.
Meanest thing you've ever done?: Oh idea. I don't usually do mean things. I suppose when I was little, I would go to bed sometimes being mad at my parents because I was being a brat and I was upset about not getting my way. I know that it probably hurt them because they both don't think that the sun should set on an argument. Making someone else feel bad is not cool.
Nicest thing you've ever done?: I pay a lot of attention to detail. I go all out on birthdays and I try to make everything really special for the people I know.
Tell us what you'll bring to this community (honestly): Well, I'm really knowledgeable with computers since I've been working as a webmaster/tech person for a school for 8 years (not that it matters)... I also think that I'm a fun person who enjoys meeting new people.
Where are your 2 promotions?(I will check): Well, they're not up yet since i haven't been accepted, but they will end up in my journal and probably on at least one of the two LJ games that I run. (by the way, your promotional images are not working)
Okay,suck up :):
Why do you think your xquisite?: Well, first off, I don't think that anyone is above anyone else in any way. All I ever ask is that people like me for me.
Are you unique and why or why not?: Of course, I'm the only me there is. :-) I think that everything I've already said kind of covers that.
Whats your opinion on George Bush?: I'm Republican, so I'll say that I favor him. Sure, he has his faults, but doesn't everyone? He's had some tough speed bumps during his presidential career.
Whats your opinion on the war in Iraq?: Well, at first I was all for it. I can still remember the night that I found out we were going to war. At this point, I think that we just need to admit that it isn't our place to fight anymore.
Who do you want for the 2004 presidential election: I say Bush just because I really can't stand Kerry. I also do not think that a person's political beliefs should have anything with them getting accepted or rejected in this community, but that's just my opinion.
If you could be anyone for one day who would it be and why?: Rick Ankiel. He's a very strong person who has been through a lot. Many other people would have cracked under the pressure that he's been under in his 25 years.
Any last words,darling♥?: To quote Donkey in Shrek "Oo, Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!" :-P
At least 3-9 clear pictures (at least 3 of your face):

hopefully these work this time...the site has been finicky...

my new dress that my boyfriend bought me

me and my boyfriend


me and my truck right before I sold it

Collage for my LJ

grainy, but that's me and my pup

ellen, me and jen (my roommates)

cuddling up with the platy

One 100x100 picture for the members list:

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